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Need Help!! (Diy Root tabs vegetable vs gelatin)

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hi friends i live in pakistan, karachi... so i have been trying to make some Diy root tabs for my aquarium plants (dwarf sag, amazon sword,hygrophilia polysperma,jungle val) but the problem is i cant find any gel cap in here a guy told me a place where i might get some but thats very veeery far from where i live but i can buy empty vegetable 00 size caps at the next corner of my house they come in yellow with red color so can i use these instead of gel caps??
also since theres no osmocote product here i bought those tiny granule from a local gardner they looks just like osmocote but theres no nutirion fact with it please reply as soon as possible cuz i m going to buy them tomorrow or i will have to go next week! thnx in advance i love this community of very talented n creative people!
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I'm assuming if the vegetable caps are suitable for human consumption then they should be fine as root tabs.

The ferts from your local gardener are probably safe, just try a small amount at first and slowly work to more.

I use common fertilizers in my home made tabs without issues.
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