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Need help diagnosing disease,could this be Flukes?

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One of my Kribensis has been getting Ill over the past few days, and I'm having trouble diagnosing the problem, from the information I've found on the web I'm leaning toward flukes, but I would like someone elses opinion on this before I treat it.

The symptoms are rapid breathing, sunken belly,pale coloration,clentched fins, and rubbing on aquarium decor.
The fish also it developing a sore on one of her sides, either from scraping, or something else. You could see some frayed tissue on the wound as well.
I would like to treat her asap, so any help you could offer would be appretiated, and any medication you could suggest as well.

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it could be mulitple diseases... from bacterial infection to tuberculosis to worms... You definitely need to quaratine this fish. And give it a general antibiotic/parasitic meds... Seachem & API have something like that. If there's no improvement, put the fish to sleep.
Nevermind, fish has died.:(
On the brightside I got 2 babies that survived from her, and 1 lonely male.
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