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Need help between 3 LED fixtures!

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Good morning everyone,

I was looking to get a LED fixture to put on my tank now while I gather up the parts and funds for a DIY LED light. I'm planning on growing low/medium light plants in my 20 gallon long tank.
Out of these three fixtures:

Which one would be my best bet? My tank is shallow so the light will be 10" from the substrate.

Any comments/suggestions are greatly appreciated! :grin2:
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I do not have any experience with Beamswork, but I used to use a finnex stingray 30" on a 20L. Worked good for me til I upgraded to a planted+ 24/7. Should get you low to about medium lighting.
would the planted+ cause algae issues on a 20g long with low - medium plants?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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