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So I'm having an issue with a Aquaticlife regulator, it's the small regulator with the solenoid built into the reg.
The reg was picked up from a member from another forum, but I didn't realize a leak until I was inside (was windy today). So it originally leaked from the connection between reg and canister, but once I fixed that issue, another surprise as the high pressure gauge was blasting out quite a large amount of gas. This regulator has several holes - assuming relief valves? - but the high pressure gauge seems to be the only one blowing gas.
When the solenoid is on, the set up functions normally, but the high pressure gauge would still be releasing gas, but a little weaker.
When the solenoid is off, the gauge would release gas slightly stronger - could be in my head, but definitely feels more powerful.

Would there be any fixes for this sort of issue? Is it a busted diaphragm? Any help would be much appreciated. Picture uploaded, it's the smaller hole on the left (bottom, picture got flipped).


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