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Hey friend, i am newer in this field, but have about 2 years of experience dealing with live plants. My first thought is the amount of excel you are dosing. Excel is known to cause plants to melt, as it contains an inorganic compound that may be toxic to some plants. I've also heard too you can build immunity by slowly introducing the plants to excel and working up from there. It sounds like you are using too much, so i would first try to slow down on that. Also, the plants that are melting look like carpeting plants? I have never had luck with those as many need high co2. Some dont require it, but if other needs arent met then they wont grow without it. One more point is your lighting. 9 hours may be just too much. I would suggest bringing it down to 6-7 hours and going from there. Does your tank get any indirect sunlight?
So for fighting BBA: lower your light hours, and if you are seriously interested, look into injecting co2 (i personally dont, but i only have nano setups right now), also you have a good cleanup crew, but not sure if they will touch BBA. i heard nerites do, but mine never did. I had BBA and was able to get rid of it by doing more frequent water changes with larger amount of water being changed, and also i lowered the lights by a few hours and made sure to keep my blinds drawn so light wouldnt get in.
For your plant melt, if its just the carpeting plants, i would suggest it is lack of co2. It sounds like you have plenty of ferts, if not too many since you also have a high bio-load from your livestock, so i would also consider lowering the amount of root-tabs you are using too. I mistakinly thought a plant was dying due to not enough nutes so instead of the usual one root-tab, i planted two near it which ended up killing it quicker.

Hope this helps
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