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I recommend working on just a single thing at a time, do something that has a big impact which seems to be co2 at the moment.
The melting plants makes me think you're having a co2 issue, but someone with more knowledge can weigh in on that.
Dennis Wong has an article on how to get co2 into the aquarium faster, without causing issue for overshooting it and gassing your livestock. how-to-push-the-limits-of-co2-safely.

On my aquarium I have the output from the canister filter right at the surface of the water with the output pointed slightly upwards as well.
This causes a lot of surface agitation, but I can push more co2 faster this way.

What you can do is bring up the lily pipe slightly higher along the surface of the water and then on days you can watch your livestock nudge the needle valve a little higher and observe the behavior of them. Give it a couple days of observation, or until you can watch them again and do the same thing. Repeat this until you see a change in behavior in your livestock and then dial it back a nudge or two.
This will allow you to find the limit of the co2 you can push into your aquarium with your current setup.

After you've dialed in your co2 you can look at lighting, if the same issues continue you might have to turn down the light or raise the fixture higher to lower the amount of co2 your plants are requiring.

These are the steps I take to balance my aquarium when things start to go out of whack.
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