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Need good online supplier for large drift wood

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I'm setting up a 125 (first tank) as a mixed Tetra community tank and I'm looking for large driftwood at the best price I can find it...and I'm assuming that's gonna be online (even with the shipping costs). Can anyone suggest a good and cheap online store that can get me large-ish driftwood for a reasonable cost?

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Tom Barr sells a lot of wood to TPT member pm him for prices.

TPT name: plantbrain
Depending on where you are located, Craigslist may be a far better choice. Not that the prices online are bad but the shipping does totally blow things up. One big advantage of local pickup is the way you can see things so much better also. I have wood that I sell for $15 that would cost $30 to ship. An ad posted on the forum saying what you want may also get good response.
Just to get an idea of the shipping and prices, you can put Driftwood into search on the Bay and when prompted to pick an option choose "in quariums and fish".
There are a couple of dealers on there who sell it with pictures of exactly what you would get.
I bought 7 pieces from on-line pet shop/supply places of Maylasian driftwood before I
got it through my head that my idea of driftwood was different from theirs and that I
needed to find a site which showed the exact piece you are getting before I got
any. Gave away 4 out of the 7 pieces. Had I a 75g tank and piled them up in a corner
they may have looked nice that way.

go to the aquarium wood tab and see all his 6 pages of stumps and odd pieces. very reasonably priced.
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