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Need filter recommendation...

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Hey all,

I'm taking a break from the algae wars to consider my filter for a bit. After breaking down and cleaning my Emperor 400 yesterday, I discovered that the spray bars are not working. The filter is about 10 years old now and while I'm considering breaking it down and seeing what the problem is, I'm also entertaining the idea of buying a new filter. Many of the posts I've read here recommend canister filters over bio-wheels for large tanks because of surface displacement and the loss of CO2.

I've been through the search function, but haven't found info on some of my options, so I thought I'd just post a new thread. Here's what I'm looking at:

Eheim Classic: Price is right, but I understand cleaning is a pain.
Eheim Pro II: Not an option. Too expensive.
Filstar XP: Price is right, but the components sound cheap. I need a filter that will last a while (10 years again?).
Fluval 305: Hits the price limit. But can it handle a 55G realistically? I'm going from 400 GPH to 260.
Eheim Ecco: Nice price, but the filter media is limited. Is it really an option?

So what's the word? Any recommendations? Do all these filters come with tubing, spraybar, and media, or do I need to be prepared for additional expenses? Is there a filter I should be considering instead? In particular, I'm interested in the Eheim Classic and the Fluval, but price is a factor.

Thanks for your advice!
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I found a Eheim 2026 pro II for $60 bucks. If you look around you can find deals. Try this forum and SD Reefs. It’s the best filter i have ever had, its super efficient, really quite and easy to clean. Media is cheap, activated carbon can be found for less that $10 per lbs, and this should last a few months. I recommend the cylindrical bio media.
Eheim cassic is a very good filter ,it should be your first choice.
I have 2 fluval 304s and they do a good job too,as you mentioned if the price is right for your budget then go for it.
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