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So I'm going to be working away from home where commuting is too timely and costly to go back and forth. I'll be working a job in this city for 5 months...

I'm thinking that I'll get someone to take care of my tank for me while I'm away. And I was wondering if I could get away with the following:

Water Maintenance:
- RO Top off when water level runs low (person will have to see when the water line goes low)
- 10-15% WC when I get back (once a month is my plan)

Feeding Routine:
- Mosura BioPlus (1 spoon every Sunday and Wednesday)
- Barley Pellet (1 Barley Pellet every other Saturday)
- Combo mix of Ebita Breed Hinomaru Bento/Fluval Shrimp Granules/Hikari Algae Wafer&Shrimp Cuisine (as a treat when I do my monthly WC)

Will my lack of water maintenance be an issue? I am breeding the CRS and CBS in the tank... and I hope the water will still be good for them, but I consider myself over-filtrating the tank.

I run a AC50 and an EHEIM 2213 and a Large Seapora Sponge Filter along with an External Breeder box I filled with filter floss and fluval biomedia. With Purigen in the EHEIM 2213 and AC50. Along with a bunch of plants for filtering and grazing on. I'm hoping the breeding will still occur without me OCDing over the tank.

and I'm sure my feeding routine and plant setup is simple enough for the person I leave in charge while offering the shrimps/shrimp-lets in the tank enough food.

I will also be putting in 3 extra almond leaves into the tank, making it 4 almond leaves in the tank in total (in the case that the person I leave the tank in charge forgets the routine). I'm also going to buy a timer for the tank light, so I don't have my plants fried.

I hate that I'll be away from my tank... I'm always on top of feedings and water changes... I'm sad that I won't see my babies grow up =p lol because I have seen CBS and CRS shrimplets recently... it would be nice to come back every once a month to discover new offsprings though. I'm considering whether or not I should throw in one small ball of moss in the tank... but when I think about doing that I think I might be overdoing it lol

Anyways, when I do leave, I plan on doing a nice clean up of all the filters. Let me know what you think of my plan.

Thanks for reading, and replies/feedback/advice are appreciated.

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The timer for the lights is definitely a necessity. I believe that a once a month 30% W/C is possible to get away with. I feel like my CRS tank is very stable with just topping off and WC once every 2 weeks.

How often will your friend be by the tank? do they live at the house? daily? once a week? you should type up a word doc of things to do daily/weekly/monthly.

I personally think itll be fine.
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