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I have a 45 gal. tank. W/ 51Ws of lighting.

I have recently started planting my tank and have 6 anarchais, 2 anubias, 4 crypts, 2 moneywort, 1 watersprite, 1 Val, 2 hornwort, banana plant, java moss, and a moss ball. And I will be adding more in the future. This will be a heavily planted tank when I get it all put together and things grow out.

My Ph is on the high side and lowering it would be good.

I am considering trying the DIY CO2 injection.

How much and how will the CO2 injections benefit the tank. (plant growth, color, lower ph???) I have read many threads on this but since most of the plants in my tank are low light easy plants I was usure of which if any would benefit and how much they would benefit.

I have the tank stocked with some sensitive fish (dwarf cichlids) so I would need the PH to be stable. How stable will the PH be with DIY C02?

How often would the 2L bottles need to be changed? I figure I would use 2.

For refence my PH is 7.9 and my KH is 4.

If the benefit would be small with my low lighting I dont want to go to the trouble, but if things will sigificatly look better grow better etc. it would be worth it.
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