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I'm planning a 20G high with my wife and she wants to have a colorful/striking, centerpiece fish (or male/female pair).

We're considering:

A male Dwarf Gourami
A matched pair of German Blue Rams (or Bolivian)
A few Apisto's (not as finnicky as GBRs, or so I've read)

I'd like to keep shrimp but just read that dwarf gourami's make them lunch or dinner, so not so sure the DG will work. Do Rams eat shrimp as well?

Anyways, what is recommended, based on our criteria? Tank will be a 20G H, and heavily planted. Filter will be a Rena Filstar XP1.

Other tank inhabitants will be:

10 Neon or Cardinal Tetras
6 Julli Corys (or Leopard)
2-3 Nerite Snails
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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