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Need an LED fixture

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I'm looking for an LED fixture for my 75 gallon. No co2, just a low to medium light plant selection I'm looking to do. Anubias, java fern, maybe some simple stems like basic ludwigia and basic hygrophila, perhaps an amazon sword. Right now I'm looking at the 48 to 60 inch Marineland Double Bright LED fixture. It's in the $160 range and was wondering if anything out there would be better for my money. I really like LED lighting and it will give my aquarium a much nicer look then my fluorescent fixture. Any suggestions or would the Marineland be the best?
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Not sure how the two compare, but as far as another affordable option you could check out the 48" Finnex FugeRay when it comes out this month.
I have the finnex ray II. It rocks!! It is also expandable. I would look into these fixtures.
I have a Finnex Fugeray on the 36 gallon in my sig, gives great medium light, great color (I like running the blue moonlights with the white, still looks white but with a little extra), doesn't get hot, has that cool led shimmer :). Very slim, the whole fixture is thinner/slimmer than just the bulbs in a 2 t8 fixture

Was affordable too, $70 on amazon if I remember right (for the 30 inch), very happy with it.

The ray2 is the same shape/profile but high light, was told to only consider if running Co2 or hanging the fixture higher than the stock legs

Check out the pics
I would love to try the finnex fixture only because the marineland seems nice but reviews aren't all the best. I've heard many people have leds burning out after a year and there aren't replacement bulbs for it. I would love the finnex, I just haven't heard any long term reviews, like 1+ years usage. I'm just afraid of leds burning out quickly like in the next year or two and then you can't replace them. I mean it is a risk I can take but I'm just trying to make the best decision. I know a lot of people here have tried and liked Finnex, but I guess I'm just hesitating on pulling the trigger.
If you can find scrap aluminum that is reasonable looking, and DIY the fixture, you can build a 24 emitter LED setup for about $100.
I bought one marineland fixture. It is in the closet. The worst product I ever bought. The sliding hangers were barely able to hold the fixture up, they are paper clip thin. Go to a petco or whatever and open one up. You will see what I am talking about.
There are several of us anxiously awaiting the arrival of the 48" Fugeray, including myself. I'm looking for exactly the same thing as you, low to lower end of medium lighting for a 75 gallon.
Yeah I'm starting to think I should go the route of a Finnex since everyone seems to love it.
as far as for planted tanks go, im unsure if what im about to say is applicable.

But for a reef, in the research i have done. DIY is really the best option there is. There are many good DIY led vendors that sell kits. Im sure for plants you would need far less LEDS and only whites, no blues.
Par data for the 48" Fuge Ray out yet? Looking for lighting for my 120 60x18x24deep
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