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Hi any advise would be helpful.
We are moving just got the keys for the house today we weren't planning to move but we got a offer we couldn't pass up. Over the next 7 weeks
I need to move my 29 gallon tall, 20 long, 20 high and 3 10 gallons. I also aquired a 29 gallon 30" long tank over the weekend. My thought was to set up the new tank and start cycling it this week I have a HOB and extra filter media. This gives me a place to put plants and fish as I move one tank at a time. I have a couple of questions I would like advise on.
1: should I put substrate in this temp tank?
2: How much of the old tank water should I try to move when I move the old tanks over to the new house 50% more or less.
I think I can do this with 5 gallon buckets move the fish, and plants over. Acclimate fish to temp tank, remove substrate, clean tank, move old tank to new house, and set up old tank. cross fingers that everything settles and then move fish over to old tank.
I may be overthinking this.
But between working and being a mother and everything else I keep thinking that this is the safest way.
Any thought would be apperciated
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