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Need Advice w/ HC

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Hello everyone,
I've recently set up a 2.5 gallon tank with Amazonian II soil, HC, DHG, a small 1-3 gallon mini-sized Filter, a small ADA light w/ ~12watts, and ghost shrimp. I use 2 drops of Excel about every other day, and recently bought a plant nutrient supplement which I havent used yet. Its been running for about a month now and it looks okay... but I'd like advice to prevent any disasters/problems from ruining my experience with this exciting new hobby (primarily to keep my HC alive/thriving :icon_bigg).
- is my setup okay? y/n
- is my lighting okay? y/n
- is Excel (2 drops) okay? y/n
- do I need to dose plant supplement nutrients? y/n

all advice is welcomed,
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To answer all your questions:

Yes. I would consider adding at least DIY CO2. HC thrives more in a rich co2 environment more than anything. I've grown it in low light tanks just fine as long as the co2 was good.
You can use a lot more Excel than that if you want --I use 1 ml daily on my 2.5 g. HC responds very well to Excel. I have used Excel in addition to diy co2 when I want HC to get established quickly.

It's very easy to do diy co2 on a tank that size. I feed the co2 tube into the filter intake in my 2.5g.

I have never used Amazonia II, but with regular Amazonia, I do very little dosing. I use very small amounts of the Seachem ferts 1-2x weekly, and see how the plants respond.
Thanks sewingalot and chicken! I'll take both your advices... just on a side note: is too much CO2 bad for HC? (like if i give it 2x the amount in order to increase its productivity?)
Not really, too much co2 will hurt your fish long before it hurts your plants.
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