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so guys i have a 40 gallon planted tank and i wanted to know if iam doing everything right and provide any advice
tank size 40 gallon
lighting: 4x 14 w t5 + 2x 27 w spiral cfl + 1x 14 w led all rated at 6500k with diy reflector with chrome tape with an 24w rgb led cheap chinese led strip
filtration: diy external canister filter with a 25 l watercan run with a sunsun hqb 2000( @ 1400l/h) pump
filter media: seachem matrix 700ml + ceramic ring 1 kg+ aqua clay ball 2kg+ filter pads and floss+ inline purigen reactor(250 ml)
co2 : ista max mix large co2 reactor paired with 2 , 2l yeast co2 bottle
water circullation : 600l/h powerhead inside tank

substrate: river sand with layer of osmocote plus beneath it
fert: diy dry powder macro and micro mix( dont know what percentage got it from ebay)
water treatment with seachem safe
plants: - anubias nana, barteri
micraenthum mat(monte carlo)
ricia mat
hygrofilla dysformis
vals jungle & spiral
java moss, christmas moss( not doing well)
bacopa caroliana
and few other dont know names
stocking- neon x11
red eye x11
blood fin x4
common pleco young x1
mountian minow x4
guppy x4
checkered rainbow x2
red cherry barb x 6
mollies x4
rcs aprox 8 with lot of juvinels
ghost x5 with lot of juvinels
malaya shrimp x2
assasin snail x 4 with lot of baby
drift wood present

alge problems: have thread alge which i remove with brush
water temp: 26 c with pc fan running over top of tank
diy auto water top off system

i need advice weather iam doing everything properly and any suggestions and what to do with the moss not doing very well


these are the tank pics.

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