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Hello again everyone!Its been a week since I started my 3rd attempt on planted tanks, I put the the liquid bacterias and supplements on day 1, add the fishes on day 2 and had a (what I believe) bacterial bloom on the same day, water stayed milky for 3 days and now I have crystal clear water!No fishes died but 1 of my plants died!My tiny bacopa frills got mauled down by my 2 corys!!But I already forgave them since theyre so cute!!!

Ok back to the topic, I need to put some background plants behind my rock/stones formation, what would everyone think is a good plant to put in there.I want something that will look natural, probably close to nature..for example I dont really think amazon swords will look natural and good behind those rocks?right? Any oppinions will greatly be appreciated thank you!:fish::fish::fish::fish::fish::fish:

Edit : It can be a combination of plants

Edit#2: Dang it!I forgot to post a picture...
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