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need advice asap - Infestation or baby shrimp

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We came home from dinner tonight and we noticed all these white tiny things all over the glass. On initial look it looks like there are two things on the glass. one moves more like a worm and the other is more jerky like and has a tail but moves like a flea. Both white like I said and very small.

All over the place!

We have some berried RCS and this is our first attempt. We can't remember if we had 2 or 3 berried females....but we spotted two with eggs still.

Any feed back asap would be helpful. I would like to remove the berried females if we have some infestation.

Oh and the wife wants to know if they are babies what do we feed them if anything :p
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Sounds like planaria and copepods.

Copepods are harmless, planaria can be harmful.

I would say dose with panacur (fendabendazole - sp?). You can get some safeguard from like petco or petsmart and does 1/100th of a gram per gallon. Or you can get a small 1 g package from mord aka Liam.
Where would they have come from? It was an explosion of them....literally
Is it a new tank? What substrate do you have?

Planaria is usually a sign that you are overfeeding.
Overfeeding, or sometimes aquasoil, rich in its ammonia will let loose a torrent of nasties. I've got panacur available in small 1 gram packets like nikki said. Let me know if you want it.

Planaria can sometimes kill shrimp, but the copepods (the grains of sand with a tail) are harmless.
Just read that on google.....we haven't really been feeding them. Natural algae and then zucchini which is removed later.

Oddly enough we did see like yesterday one of the shrimp eating something that looked like a large worm 1-2" and was dead.

The substrate is fluorite and has been running for about a month now with 2 sponge filters.
Will the panacur kill/harm the shrimp?
No it won't efface.

You should be fine. For the record, I used Liam's panacur stuff in my SSS tank to kill hydras. They are fine.
I truly hope that its only the worms and not the other creatures.

I really do not want to infest my main tank with them. I haven't had any issues in there so far. I started breeding this shrimp so I could keep a steady supply for cleaning my main tank. Afraid moving any of the water with the shrimp over there now will infest it!
Honestly, no need to worry. Just treat the tank, let it sit for 48 hours, and then do a wc.
So it will kill the Copepods if those are in there? Definitely more than 1 type of thing crawling on the glass.
It will kill hydras, copepods, and planaria. :)
It didn't kill my copepods, which I am thrilled. They are adorable to watch. But it killed hydra and planaria.
Just for is a mantis shrimp if you never seen one....not a shrimp nor a mantis but looks like one! Just found out about this and wanted to share.

That loud nose is its strong arms hitting the glass which it uses to kill shelled creatures
Wow, that scared the crap outta me. lol

This one is hilarious though
I almost jumped out of my seat when I saw it. it was like in a scary movie where something abrupt happens and they get that knee jerk reaction.
so pretty but I guess unless you feed them heavily they will eat everything in your tank
The large number of planaria may mean you are over feeding.
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