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I have had bad luck with my guppies so taking the tank down and wanting to start over.(my bad didnt quarantine new fish and slowly is killing them all except the plecos are doing just fine) 30ish gal bowfront with marineland canister filter and heater.

What light is recommended ?i tried to grow java fern and moss but the marine land light didnt work and they died, that was before i tried to medicate the fish(spent over $100 on medication).
I was told nicrew will work for low light>
what substrate? currently i am using sand. i also was told to try fluval stratum
i was thinking of trying some shrimp as i have a turtle and would love to have feeders for him.
i purchased three bottles of S fertilizer/carbon when i tried to keep the plants alive.
I am managing to keep guppy grass alive in the brightest bedroom in a 5 gal tank.
-also where is a good place for decorations... driftwood,rocks,lava ect.
-good place to buy plants if i get that far.

i am also considering just trying it in my little portrait marinland 5 gal that is currently empty.
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