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So i setup a new planted tank a month back and have seen very fast and healthy progress in plant growth to the point where i am beginning to think some plants need a trim. My question however revolves around the Micranthemum Monte Carlo. Having never kept this species before or any other carpeting plant of this type i am unsure of when i should begin to prune it. I have seen substantial horizontal growth as the carpet has close to fully grown in within the month however not much vertical growth although some places are noticeably thicker than others. My question is should i begin pruning now or should i wait a little longer? it seems well rooted in some places and not so amazingly in others because of the ottos and so was hesitant to begin any pruning but what would you suggest?

i eagerly await any reply that could help me.

Many thanks in Advance :smile2:


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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