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Need a good ground cover plant

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i need a good low tech(no ferts, co2, nothing) that stays close to the substrate because it is going in a 2.5g mini bowfront tank. the tank will be lit by a 10w compact flourescent bulb
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A bunch of SS mesh with mini pellia on it works well. I'm doing it in one of my tanks right now :)
A single 10 watt light over a 2.5g nano isn't a lot of light to begin with...

I echo the moss comments. Hairgrass is also a bit tough without CO2.
maybe try a little hairgrass as a mid or background plant, but DHG is too big for a foreground plant in my 10g. If i were you, i might try some Marsilea minuta or mosses.

x2 to Ebichua's comment about the mini pellia, that would work really well.
thanks for the help guys and i hav already figured out wut the rest of the tank is gonna be planted with i was just lookin for ideas on a groundcover plant that was incredibly low tech

my plant list so far includes:
2 needleleaf javafern
1 hornwork
1 anubias nana 'petite'
and som javamoss covering a really small clay pot

now i dont absolutely need a groundcover plant if there isnt one that fits the guidelines because i want this to be an incredibly easy to take care of tank
For an easy to take care (i.e. low light) ground cover plant, your choices become quite limited. I would consider Java moss and/or Marsilea...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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