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Near Disaster

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Note: I have not posted the progress of the tank on this forum, this is just a story about what will happen when you cheap out on the wrong things.

I walked into my fish room, I do a survey on all the tanks,
Disaster, my 40 gal revamp for some old South American community fish, “the retirement home” tank, all the fish where at the bottom pale and rapidly breathing, I check all my water parameters,

I was in some doodoo. And I know exactly what caused it, when first setting up this tank, I used just enough sand to say I had a inch in the front and 2 inches in the back in a few places. Then proceeded to put 2 osomocote root abs for each place there was a plant, this lead to there being around 10 root tabs in a 40 gallon tank, which doesn’t seem that much, right?

wrong, at this point this tank had 5 stems of kambomba, a crypt, a sword, and a lace leaf, it was a under planted tank, then I added a some more plants, a red dwarf lily, a Anubias nana, and a couple of rotala stems, then a week later, and the fish were added, no problems for weeks.

Back to today, I realized that the Cory catfish moved around the substrate to expose alot of the root tabs,

what happened today, was all my fault, and if only I put a couple more inches of substrate, my fish wouldn’t have been put under severe stress.

don’t skimp on substrate