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Doing a little spring cleaning today and figured I would post some things for sale. I would like to try to sell the co2 Equipment locally first considering the co2 tank still has co2 in it. I am located in Winston-Salem, NC

First up for sale is the regulator and co2 tank. I hate to sell it because it's such a nice dual stage regulator but I haven't used it lately.
Co2 Regulator, solenoid, needle valve, and tank - $275
• Victor 253a-320 mod dual-stage regulator
• 5lbs co2 tank
• Fabco NV 55-18 Needle Valve
• Burkert 6011 Solenoid

If you look at the white part of the gauge you can see it sticks out just a little. It has never caused me any issues but if it bothers you I'm sure you could pop the cover off and push it back. When I bought the regulator I recieved it like this.

Ferts I only used a few times - $30

If someone picks everything up locally I will sell everything for $290.
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