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This is the list of ingredients from the package of MGOCPM.
"This product is formulated from composted bark, sphagnum peat moss, and
pasteurized poultry litter."
I don't know at this point, the planning stage, if it will turn out a Royal mess or
end up being successful. But I bought one bag of that plus one bag of Miracle Grow
Organic Top Soil which so far I've only found a couple of sticks in and the rest looks
like dirt and a bit of sand thrown in to discourage clotting. But I plan to use one
inch of the MGOCPM under one inch of the Top Soil and cover thinly with river rocks.
No regular cap. The idea being for the plants to grow between the rocks as they will
not completely cover the sub. Just one layer close to each other on most of the bottom.
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