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natural sun

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im thinking of getting a 5g, planting it and putting it outside. i did de-plant my 10g alot and have tons of plants out back in a big bucket and seem to be growing like crazy. it would be just the tank and filter, probably a sponge filter, with some plants and later shrimp. it does get warm, usually 90* and about 75* at night. i would bring it in when the weather gets cold but that doesnt happen until november.

anyone have luck with outside tanks?
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I've seen it done though and it looked great... Put it somewhere where it gets as little direct sun as possible.
I have a 5G tank inside sitting by a north facing window. It gets 3 hours of direct sun. It's doing pretty good.
my apartment faces directly east so it will be getting quite a bit of direct light until the sun passes over my porch overhang
nah, that's not a good spot... You can move :)
It would get too much light and then too little light past afternoon. You'd be battling algae a lot.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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