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Native GA Ludwigia Palustris Vase

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Hello everyone, I recently collected some ludguigia palustris from Jackson Lake GA and I got help from Phill Edwards identifying it, Thank you! Anyways, I had a vase lying around and I had some leftover Ludwigia after planting it in my 20g. I didn’t want it to go to waste so I decided I could just plant it in a vase. I grabbed some potting soil and put it in, then capped it with sand.

After that I made sure to put water in till all the soil was moist, and then got to planting! I filled it with water and then let it sit overnight.

I know it doesn’t look the best but I feel that once they start growing they will look nice.

The plants were peraling a good amount in the morning, I also noticed some algae that were on the plants so I added a little snail to help clean up a bit.
That’s pretty much it, I’m just using natural sunlight for this so hopefully it works out. Any advice is appreciated!
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