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Nano tank HC Cuba DSM

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Hi everyone! This is my 5.5 gallon tank that i have been working on since mid February using the Dry Start Method for Hemianthus callitrichoides "HC Cuba". made some mistakes in between which led to some delay in the growth, but everything is starting to fill in.

Tank Specs:
Size: 5.5 Gallon
Lighting: Finnex Planted + 16"
Substrate: ADA Amazonia Aquasoil [Powder Type]
Co2: Aquatek CO2 Regulator Mini + 24oz paintball tank
Filter: Eheim Classic 2215

Scape with Seiryu stones which i picked up on my trip from Hong Kong last month. Was trying to go for an iwagumi kind of look... might need some work.

close up front

top view.

Im currently debating whether or not i should reorganize the rocks for a better scape, or leave as it is. If i decide not to make any changes i will probably fill the tank probably some time in next 2 weeks.
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That's going to look really good. I have a 4gal Finnex myself, growing the same setup you have here. How many BPS will you/are you running in this tank?

You should post some updated pictures. Curious to see where it's at.
I just flooded my tank yesterday. Im hoping that the transition from dry to wet goes smoothly. Right now im turning the Co2 up at full blast to ease the transition. I really cant wait till my tank finishes cycling then i can get myself some CRS =D

I also added another Finnex Planted + 16", to increase the light. But will set photo period to 7 hours.
How far away do you have the light from the substrate?
As requested ive updated the pictures. The lights are approximatly 9.5" away from the substrate, though im not sure what that makes my PAR reading as im having a hard time locating the chart for Planted + 16".

Added: Hydor ETH 200 In-Line External Heater 200w set to ~75 degrees C

Its not shown really clear in this last picture but it seems that there is some kind of milky thread like fungus coming out of the plants. Anyone know what that is?
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