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Nano SHRIMP Tanks! Let's See Them!

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Thinking about doing a rimless <10g tank dedicated to CRS. I'd love to see pics of nano's that are primarily shrimp tanks. Thanks! :proud:
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None Of These Are Mine:
flashsilva said:
This is my aquarium CRS, and they live also with Babaulti White Stripes and pearl heteropoda.

Best Regards

Fábio Silva

Xema said:
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Great pics. Thanks! Let's see some more!! Esp full tank shots!
Haha sorry to make it not 56k friendly... Got nothing to do atm so was just looking at some things for a larger tank I have in mind.

Again none of these are mine. Last one before I mow the lawn.

Shrimp999 said:
dragons girl said:
7.5 gallons
My racks - underconstruction :)

Snow white

Deep blue tiger - female with eggs

Black bee

Red bee

Haha, if I ever get around to become a serious shrimp person (only had 2 tanks with shrimps in 'em)... then this guy/girl Novina is one of my insparation. Also check out this one guy in this forum who had/has his/her own shrimp house. Forgot where I saw that thread but last time I saw it was almost last year.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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