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Nano-Seirryu Stone- HC

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Deep Blue 12" rimless cube

Filter either Eheim classic 150 or simple HOB (have not decided yet)

Archaea slim line LED

5lb C02 canister

Archaea dual gauge regulator

ADA pollen glass diffusor

Plastic garden edging walls


Africana (about 6L)

Power sand S

Penac P

Penac W

Bacter 100

Clear Super

Tourmaline BC


ADA Seiryu Stone


Dwarf Baby Tears

Crypt Parva


I went for a very steep mountain hill look with this scape. I had to use two plastic retaining walls to get the steep incline that I wanted to achieve (hard to tell how steep it is in pictures). The seiryu stone gives something of a winding mountain path effect. I have not decided on livestock yet. Thinking of using micro-tetra of some type and cherry shrimp but would like some suggestions. Dry starting just long enough for the HC to root then fillin it up.

-Peter Russo-


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Just did the setup on Saturday 3/9. I had a big mat of baby tears in a holding tank with C02 and Home Depot fluorescent lights. It had been sitting in there a good two weeks. I ditched some melted parts and just used the really healthy stuff.
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