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SO! Its been awhile since Ive offered something worth reading to this forum so Ive decided to 'journalize' my latest project.

I recently accquired a 1ish gallon "Ocean Free" nano, solid curve front/side(s) glass pane, rectangle back & bottom. It also came with an "Ocean Free" nano filter which will be fully equipped with a sponge, maybe purigen as well.

Onward to important things, like a starting picture!

This is the tank in relation to a Wawa water bottle. Small indeed. Im in love with this beautiful glass nano. No plastic here.

First layer of substrate is a mixed ratio of laterite, normal grain size aquarium gravel, and small grain gravel. Capping the first layer will be a complete layer of the white small grain gravel.

Following is my first design of the aquascape: Flora will include anubias, moss, and ferns. Low tech, good lighting, excel dosing, minimal ferts...

1st scape attempt followed by the same scape with slight alterations (shifted farther to left)






Hardscape brought to you by means of driftwood centerpiece, and 2 locally collected stones (Hawk Mountain, Eastern PA)

Comments, suggestions, etc. welcome

More photos** will follow as changes are made, second layer substrate, final hardscape, planting, and followups.

**sorry about the photos, used my cell phone for it was easily accessible :D

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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