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Nano fish and a 10gal

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Hi, I'm Taysius and I have MTS.

So anyways, I found a new LFS over the past weekend. He had some fish I never thought I would see in my area. Among these fish were CPD's and Chili Rasboras. So of course this got the wheels turning in my head. My mom is going to take my P. Alleni off my hands which will leave me room to set up the meta frame 10g that I have in the garage. (The husband doesn't know that part yet.

The first thing I will do is focus on the plants. I plan on getting my first bag of eco-complete and getting the tank heavily planted. I know that these nano fish will greatly appreciate the thought. Filtration will be a sponge filter powered by an air pump rated for a 40gallon tank. I'm not sure about stocking though. Is a 10gal too small for a school of each the CPD's and the Chilil's? Add in that I would like to have a group of Pygmy cories. I feel that I've done ok sticking my other tanks but with these itty bitty little fish I'm not sure how many are too many. Especially since all the fish in the store were young and even smaller than I had imagined.

So to those of you that are familiar with these little guys, what kind of stocking would you recommend?

I bolded the actual questions for the skimmers out there.
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i have 12 CPD's in my 10g tank, along with a thriving population of 20 or so rcs. everyone seems happy so far.

excuse the poor quality iPhone photo...

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