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Nano emersed terrarium 6gallons

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Hi there!

tl;dr: Does anyone have any suggestions or could point me in a direction to research set ups for display emersed terrariums that grow aquatic plants? Possibly mixed with non aquatic plants?


I am currently in the middle of dry starting my 9 gallon fluval flex and am already thinking of ways to expand and propagate the plants I have going, as well as have a place to collect even more plants for possible future use!

When I started getting back into the hobby I found a cute nano tank (I think it's about 6 gallons but haven't checked for sure) at a garage sale. I was planning on using it as a shrimp aquarium but after buying all the things to start it up, I realized the plastic was quite scratched so I went on to buy a fluval flex for my aquarium instead. I am in the middle of dry starting it with mixed success, the s. repens are melting but it got me to ultimately thinking if I were to have failure in the tank it'd be nice to be growing some backups. Enter that abandoned garage sale tank!

My current flora in aquarium tank are as follows:
staurogyne repens
narrow leaf chain sword
amazon sword
anubias nana petite
mini weeping moss

Here is the flora I'm initially thinking to add to the emersed tank:
staurogyne repens
mini weeping moss
monte carlo
an orchid?

I've done a lot of research on setting up emersed tanks but all of them seem to involve, setting it up, sealing it, and forgetting about it for a couple of months. I would like to make this grow out tank just as much of a display piece as my aquarium! I am trying to cover my entire room in plants after all! :icon_wink:

I'm wondering if mixing a non-aquatic plant that enjoys humidity like a mini orchid would work. I've had one for a couple years that I thought might be a nice addition to the grow out plants. I could set it up to have a separate substrate since I know they don't like soil. My biggest conundrum I'm finding is that all the emersed tank set ups, including my dry start right now have the humidity so high you really can't see into the tank. I'm having a lot of trouble finding information to set up a display emersed aquatic plant tank that I can actually look at. Does anyone have any journals of set ups or tutorials I can find? How would the care of a display terrarium differ from the care of an emersed "set it and forget it" tank? I don't mind having to water or mist the tank if I can still enjoy it in my room.

That was pretty long winded for a short question but all responses are greatly appreciated! I'm very passionate about getting some cool, tiny, displays going!
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