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nano co2

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I might be getting the ada mini m and was wondering what type of injection people use for their nanos I use a yeast mixture for a 2.5g and get pearling so I was wondering if this would be ok and work for a nice ada tank.
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Yes it should work very well with small glass diffuser, no problem.
I have a tom rapids mini cannister filter and I plum my diy co2 (2x ~1.8L bottles) line into it. Works fantasticaly as a diffuser and gives me a nice mist of co2. This is in a mini m too.
Whats a good paintball c02 regulator to use?
I know they make some adapters specifically for paintball CO2.
I bit the bullet and bought the ADA CO2 system with solenoid from ADG. Its very sweet, and worth it if you can afford it.
I was looking at either a paintball CO2 or that ADA CO2 System 74

How long does the ADA System 74 CO2 last? Also whats up with those different scents? Are they all the same but with a different scent?
ive hada a similar size bottle to the ada co2 bottles last 2 month w/ solenoid
the scents are kinda stupid but they do smell nice
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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