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Nano co2 setup help/questions

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SO I'd like to try out co2 on my 7g cube.. maybe 1-2 bps.. eheim canister 2211
I'm not even sure if its a good idea to put it on this tank with my photo period:
lights on 2 hours
lights off 2 hours
lights on 3 hours
lights off 3 hours
lights on 1 hour
lights off for night (13 hours)

Worse case I can use it on the 12g long with finnex 24/7 -same type of filter- (what time should I turn on/off)?

I'm a bit overwhelmed trying to figure out what I need if I go forward and making sure parts will fit..
Suggestions on brands/sizes etc welcome
co2 tubing
check valve
bubble counter
inline diffuser (putting on canister outflow tubing)
co2 conatainer/cartridge (what size?)

Thank you for your input!
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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