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SO I'd like to try out co2 on my 7g cube.. maybe 1-2 bps.. eheim canister 2211
I'm not even sure if its a good idea to put it on this tank with my photo period:
lights on 2 hours
lights off 2 hours
lights on 3 hours
lights off 3 hours
lights on 1 hour
lights off for night (13 hours)

Worse case I can use it on the 12g long with finnex 24/7 -same type of filter- (what time should I turn on/off)?

I'm a bit overwhelmed trying to figure out what I need if I go forward and making sure parts will fit..
Suggestions on brands/sizes etc welcome
co2 tubing
check valve
bubble counter
inline diffuser (putting on canister outflow tubing)
co2 conatainer/cartridge (what size?)

Thank you for your input!

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Why do you have that lighting schedule? If it's for a siesta period, you can largely ignore it with injected co2. If it's for viewing, you can potentially get away with an 11 hour on period with co2 as long as your lights aren't crazy strong
Its for viewing-times when I'm around the tank.
Light is a 6500k 14 watt cfl bulb in clamp work light about 6" above tank (7g tank is 12" tall)
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