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Nano bush/stem plants?

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I swear I've asked this question before, but no matter how hard I search, I can't find the thread... sorry if this seems super familiar!

I've got a 2.5 gallon tank that I've currently planted with HC on Fluval Shrimp Substrate. It's currently DSM'ing. Water quality is TBD, but straight from the tap it tastes metallicy and bad, so I use a Brita filter to make it palatable for me. I'd like to add some sort of 'tall' plant to the tank along the back and right sides, either vallisneria-like, or bush/hedge-like. There's an AFA near me, but that's about it in terms of plants...unless any of you know a place that's really, really, really close to Stanford in California. Additionally, the following would be nice, but not exactly required (exception of "NOT" plants):
-emersed growing would be very nice, since I'm still DSM'ing the HC.
-NOT Hairgrass. I legit cannot stand the stuff, it grows BBA way too quickly, and I've just had way too many bad encounters with it.
-NOT Crypts. I love crypts, I really do, but they and any other plants that sends out runners, has no place in my tank, as I don't want them choking out my HC.
-Can handle a small growing space: the back and sides has a maximum width of 1 inch, and the rest is devoted to the HC carpet and rock work.
-Approximately 6 inches tall at maximum height. A little above means it'll be trimmed off at the top. A little below is fine as it'll simply be below the water level.
-Provides a bit of shade/cover for small fish/shrimp.

I'm pretty sure that somebody mentioned tiger vallisneria(??) to me at one point, as well as another super bushy plant that looks like grass, but is actually a rosette plant?
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Rotala sp. 'Green' or Hemianthus micranthemoides for small bush plants. Almost all plants in the hobby will grow emersed by the way.

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AR mini. If you have enough light to grow a carpet, you could have this stay a nice lush red.
Ooh, I like the AR (Altenanthera reineckii, right?) mini! I've been going through AFA's TC plants (since those are the ones most likely to best grow emersed), and I'm wondering about the suitability of some of these plants?

Ammania sp. Sulawesi
Rotala macrandra sp. Mini Butterfly

I like the red/green contrast a lot. I should also mention at this point, that the tank won't have lots of fertilization or CO2, but lots of light. So if it requires EI or some other form of heavy dosing....I can't do that. Maybe a standard liquid fertilizer a few times a week like flourish, in addition to root tabs, but aside from that...I can't do too much.
Lots of light without CO2 and dosing can be dangerous. That being said look at the Dennis Wong video on low-tech high-light setups.
Flourish comprehensive only provides micro nutrients so keep that in mind.
Both may do okay, but you may not get the best colour. I haven't had both personally but give it a go.
Another red plant you could go for is Ludwigia sp. 'Super Red Mini'. I'm not sure if the 'Mini' variant truly exists or it is just Ludwigia sp. 'Super Red' with a different name.

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