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Name this moss

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Can you name this moss Thanks

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I think it's a java moss.. If it grows under optimal environment (low temperature, co2, regular water change), they'll grow triangle shape fronds.. So, IMO, it's Taxiphyllum barbieri..
I second the vote that it's Java Moss.
Xmas & Taiwan grows more symmetrically,
while Java fronds may shoot out randomly.

Java is also the most common LPS moss,
so statistically speaking it's most likely
Java when lacking any other information.

It might be Xmas moss, but it's probably
NOT Taiwan moss, which seem the densest
and most symmetric of the three.

But it's probably not Xmas moss either
since that moss tends to grow in all
directions, not most in such flat fans.

Since growing conditions significantly
influence growth patterns and direction
it could still be any one of those three,
or even Peacock moss for that matter...

Safest Conclusion... it's Java Moss :icon_roll
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Well, I was hoping I had something different:( it looks just like my Java
I guess I will have to get both Tiawan and Christmas moss to grow for me and then compare. I know no other way to test it. I also guess I will try to buy from someone who knows. This seller called it Triangle moss.
My light is 55w 7800k with no C02
Haha.. some new name to make it easier to sell.. :)
that looks like java moss to me x-mas and Taiwan have tighter growth to them
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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