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Mystery snail emergancy!

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So my mom thankfully caught my mystery snail, on top of the cover of my filter today (in my fluval spec v), laying this huge dome of eggs. so I read up, and they need to stay moist. if I shut the filter top, so the eggs are just above the water in the filter, will they be nice and humid? What do I do?

Bump: So I scraped the eggs off, and I put them in my emersed setup. nice, warm, and definitely humid, will they be ok in there?
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First question is: Do you have more than one mystery snail? They do require both a male and female for fertilized eggs. (I know you tend to do your research just asking as I was surprised to learn that)

And I would guess that the emersed setup would be perfect. Just make sure the eggs are not in the water. I cannot say from personal experience though. Just my 2cents.
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