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Mystery Shrimp are Changing Color

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Well, the mystery shrimp that were a pale orange just yesterday have now turned fully orange and now exhibit yellow eyes and a yellow dorsal stripe. I have no idea what these shrimp are, and I wish I knew!


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looks like a cherry to me... but im still new at this...
the fat head is indicative of some variation of caridina babaulti. As is the back stripe and color
ok i got scammed... my cherries look like that
look at the last pic with the cherry in the small potted Anubias (click on 7g fluval ebi) in my signature

looks like the first pic
Your cherries have a cherry head, some cherries have the back stripe.

look at the head and body of his shrimp compared to yours, forget about the back stripe, and you'll see they're not the same
ahhh! vous avez raison! lol

MTVERNON, that is a cool looking shrimp!
The body of the babaulti always looks chunkier to me. The stripe is a lot wider too.
Am I the only person who thinks that looks like a bamboo shrimp?
looks like rainbow shrimp actually, if so they can turn black, blue,green, and red too.
yep :p

it's missing the filter hands, long legs and the bamboo-like appearance
rainbow shrimp is a generic name thought to encompass several varieties of c. babaulti
Ha, glad you weren't scammed avandss! I was like, o_O

Anyways, yeah, that would be cool if they started changing color as well. I threw the 4 remaining females in with a male CRS. Maybe they will crossbreed. Anyways, I'm still off seeking the real Blue Tiger Shrimp.
So I think I have finally discovered what they are!

I found them out to be "Indian Dwarf Shrimp".

Common Name:

Indian Dwarf Shrimp, "Rainbow" Shrimp (a name encompassing several species)

Scientific Name:

Caridina sp.



best kept at 72°F-80°F

Water Parameters:
Needs soft to medium hard, alkaline water over the long run. Should not be kept in acidic water at all.

Algae, fish food (flake, pellets etc)


India (probably around Calcutta), might be more widely spread in south Asia.

Larval Development Type:

Completely Suppressed: Larvae assume a benthic lifestyle after hatching, i.e. they are miniature versions of the adults. There is no planktonic larval stage. The hatchlings of this shrimp are EXTREMELY small and grow slowly.

"The Indian Dwarf Shrimp is a shrimp with variable coloration. It's colors can range from gray, green, yellow to wine red and orange, with either faint or bright white stripe on the back. This is one of the species that makes up the unfortunately named "Rainbow Shrimp" sometimes sold in the trade. "Rainbow Shrimp" are at least 3 different species of shrimp collectively sold under one name due to general ignorance on the part of the collectors who ship them out of India."

Describes my shrimp perfectly! Thanks everyone for the help. =) The photos look like my shrimp, too.
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