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Mystery Rasbora Death?

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I’ve not been having a great week for my tank.

My harlequin rasbora school had thinned out over the course of a year (had no other source than petsmart so not a huge surprise), so now that I’m around more reputable aquarium stores I decided to replenish the ranks. I put too much faith in the store and I’m currently treating the tank for ich, as one of the newcomers broke out in it a few days after arrival. No, I did not use a quarantine tank. Yes, I should have. Lesson learned.

I’ve been treating the tank for five days now with TetraMin Ick Guard and things seemed to be fine. Daily 25-30% water changes preluding the new dose, as instructed on the box. Everyone has been doing seemingly fine, acting normally. But I just found one of my senior harlequins- not one of the newcomers- dead.Found on the bottom of the tank, curled up. Mouth appears open, and there’s what looks like bloody scrapes on its underside behind the gills. I have pictures, but uncertain on forum guidelines and didn’t wanna just whip it out.

Everyone else is acting normally— active and eating. I have no predators in the tank- just the harlequins and a young kuhli loach. Everyone was doing fine yesterday to a casual glance.

Water Parameters: nitrate ~10ppm, nitrite 0ppm. The only difference from usual is that the water is more alkaline than usual, probably due to the medication.

Any ideas on what caused this? Freaking me out— this is my first tank, have had it for about a year and a half. I’ve never faced down ich before so that was scary enough, and now this on top of it. Ideally want to proceed with medication, because the ich is at the lifestage where it’s off the fish and I want it wiped out before it gets any of my other fish, especially scared for my loach…
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Another rasbora found dead today. Again, one of my older ones (1yr old), not the new batch. Same symptoms- died gasping, red marks on belly past the gills. Not like scratches on this one though, just red. I’ve added a bubbler into the tank. Went to local fish store and they confirmed there’s no ammonia, all my parameters seem fine. They don’t know what’s up.
Please if anyone has any idea what’s happening, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I don’t want to lose the whole tank.
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