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MyStErY MoSs

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I found this moss somewhere and don't know what kind it is. I thought it might be pheonix moss, but it doesn't appear to be that. I can't really tell it's growth pattern because I just attached it to my bogwood. Maybe you know? :icon_roll . It appears to be a type of Fissidens. It is pretty hardy, unlike pheonix moss or any of those other mosses. It is not java moss. Look at the interesting leaf detail. Not willow moss either, that stuff dies easily. Unlike other aquatic mosses, the leaves are pointed at the tip and are bigger that the leaves on other mosses. Look at the second picture for a good look at the leaves. The two pictures are at the same scale. I think it is a member of Fissidens.


:icon_eek: DO YOU KNOW WHAT KIND IT IS? :fish:Thanks for your help, that is, if you helped. Only like one out of 50 people answer this. Maybe it's a new species. That would be pretty cool.
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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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