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Mysterious Mystery Deaths

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I am interested in keeping some Mystery snails but have several questions as the last time I tried to keep them I was unsuccessful.

Their shells quickly became pitted and they ended up dying. A large part of the problem might be that I only occasionally supplied them with calcium rich food (maybe once a week)...I guess I was always used to smaller pest snails that needed no maintenance. I dose Ca to my tank but from the appearance of their shells I am not sure if it is enough. All the Ca test kits I see are labeled for saltwater. I have very soft water but I have been upping the Ph with sodium bicarbonate. It is currently at 7.4.

So I guess most of my questions are about Ca in the water column and how much either that and/or the diet contributed to their demise (I imagine it is a combo of both). Any good way of testing the amt of Ca in the water (a link to a kit perhaps)? Does temp matter? The tank is usually around 75°. Their condition took me by surprise as I haven’t had similar issues with other snails.

I read some will eat plants, but I see a plethora of snails in other’s planted tanks. Anything I definitely need to stay away from?

Lastly, the tank I would like to have them in has a raised Ph as I mentioned, but I am looking at getting some Rams in the future. I have read that they are at their best in a lower Ph. What is the minimum Ph I can keep these snails at?

I have read all the minimums and such, but I do know their are exceptions to rules, as I continue to see in threads. How did I go wrong and am I doomed to only keep Ramshorns?
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In my experience low pH pits the shells worse than any calcium deficient diet could every really do. All of my snails have done their best in pH above 7. Anything below 6.8 and they will pit, that's nerites and ramshorns. I haven't kept Mystery snails so perhaps they are different.
I've been automatically raising the ph for years so I was a little surprised that it was above 7 seeing the snails condition. I figured maybe I had slipped and had let it get low.
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