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So I get home from work today and start on my daily feeding. When I lift the top off first thing I see is a floating CPD no find or eyes covered in snails....I Immedialty tested Ammonia, Nitrites, Nitrates, Phosphates, PH, GH and KH. All checked with normal levels the tank has been at for 2 months now.

I got to thinking that maybe he was attacked by another CPD. I inspected the body but couldn't find any obvious flesh wounds. I'm really at a lose at this point as to what it could be. CPDs are supposed to be peaceful so I don't think he was bullied to death...

All the other CPDs and 2 Ottos are fine, my cherries are doing well, and my newly introduced crystal reds are great. The only thing I did differently last night was feed some AZOO Max shrimp food for the first time and I did see one CPD grazing on it.

The CPDs are fed on a diet of Hikari Micro Pellets.

As I'm new to fish maybe I am missing something, what do you guys think caused its death?
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