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Got a large batch of Myriophyllum 'guyana', Hygrophila augistifolia, Micranthemoides hemianthes, Alternanthera reineckii, and Rotala sp varieties.

Below is the plant pack. I have multiple sets of this, so let me know if you're interested in more than 1.

The below package is $18 shipped:

Base items (included in all packages):
- Myriophyllum 'guyana' x10 (~2-4" trimmings)
- Rotala sp green x12 (~2-4" trimmings)
[STRIKE]- Hygrophila augistifolia x7 (~4-6" trimmings)[/STRIKE]
- Hemianthus micranthemoides MED x20 (~3-4" trimmings)

Pick 2 items from the list below, add up to 2 additional items for $3 ea:
- Myriophyllum 'guyana' x10 (~2-4" trimmings)
- Hygrophila augistifolia x7 (~4-6" trimmings) LIMITED
- Hemianthus micranthemoides MED x20 (~3-4" trimmings)
- Hemianthus micranthemoides LRG x10 (~5-8" trimmings)
- Alternanthera reinecki x3 (~1.5-3" trimmings) Note: Larger trimmings will likely have nascent roots since stemming from each of the nodes
- Rotala sp green x12 (~2-4" trimmings)
- Rotala 'magenta' x8 (~2-4" trimmings) Note: Needs high light to maintain its magenta color
[STRIKE]- Rotala rotundifolia x5 (~3-4" trimmings)[/STRIKE]
- Hygrophila pinnatifida x3 (~4-6" trimmings)
- Hygrophila corymbosa x3 (~3-5" trimmings)
- Blyxa japonica x5 (~2-3" trimmings)
- Peacock moss (trimmings, compressed 1/2 golf ball size) Note: These will be trimmings compressed into a ball; tie them around a rock or wood with fishing line/netting and they'll propagate
- Dwarf hair grass (dense, compressed 1/2 sq in. mat)
Note: DHG should be eleocharis acicularis but might be E. parvula

All plants are grown under high intensity LED with compressed CO2 and weekly N, K, Micro liquid ferts.

Plants may include some snails: mostly red ramshorns (gold shell, red bodies), sparse limpets, and sparse MTS.

Shipping via USPS flat rate (2 to 3 days) and will be shipped out ASAP upon receipt of payment.

PM if interested! I only take payments via paypal and can provide my paypal address for payment once I've confirmed with you via PM that I have still have the plants you want in stock.
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