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I did a water change yesterday and a decent trim, I'm not sure if I didn't notice the algae yesterday or it happened overnight. I dosed Micro right after. Maybe there wasn't enough plants for the amount I dosed? I'm not sure what went wrong. Pictures of pre/post trim and algae:

My setup:
4xT5HO (2x6000k, 2xRosette)

EI dosing - I'm not sure how to tell you how much I put in per day, so I'll tell you how much I mix.

900mL containers, 30mL doses per day

Macro container:
64g KNO3
10.5g KH2PO4
25.5g K2SO4

Micro container:
37.5g Plantex

I have my Co2 on 24/7 because my plants don't produce enough at night and the Co2 fluctuation has caused algae in the past.

I just set my light timer to 6hrs from 7hrs hoping it helps.

I also have a good amount of green dust algae by the end if the week just before my water change, I'm not sure if that's normal or not.

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For future reference you are dosing

3.84ppm NO3, 0.72ppm PO4, 3.84ppm K

There is a math formula behind it, pm me if you want it. It might be easier for you to use Aquarium Nutrient Dosing Calculator

The way I see it , you trimed and uprooted the plants. It was not a great plant mass to begin with, and now it is even lower. Consider replanting the tops and leaving the bottom part in the aquarium until you get a larger amount of plants. All this together might have helped the growth of the algae.

However the algae in the photo look like they were on the wood before you trimmed, and maybe just now growing so big that you see them.
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