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My wifes first low tec 2.5g

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My wife decided to make a mini betta planted tank.

2.5 gallon
13w T5NO desk lamp
Hob filter I had laying about
Some of my acid treated shrimp stones I make.
Some moss she insisted on ill get her convinced to replace it with hc soon.
Masterbetta and his girlfriend.

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Nice tank and stones! I would stick with the moss right now, HC might be too much of a hassle to grow. And ummmm, How long were they together? Masterbetta is flaring at his girlfriend, if you're are breeding them, you'll need to keep a close eye. I hope they don't kill each other.
What type of moss is that? It doesn't look aquatic.
They have been dating on and off for six or so months I separate them everyday : P. The moss is something that she got out of a local river no idea I dipped it then quarantined it for a week then dipped it again. It was growing underwater though. I personally think its hideous hah. Hc in that tank would be a very sloooow painful growth to watch submerged. I don't feel like setting up a paintball system or dosing a 2.5g waste of time. Any suggestions from someone who has grown something else aside from glosso i would love to hear about it. Just pointing out i do have a 13w t5 over it so its definitely not low light. It will probably end up an algea fest soon enough, ill have to dose excel.

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This is kinda how it works for us married folk I make a suggestion and explain how to do things she does what she wants anyways haha so yea I stuck the moss in there :)

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All cleared up

It's kinda sad watching betta's with flow in the water.

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The flow is very, very easy to baffle with a piece of sponge from a cut up sponge filter
Welp I took her to one of salt lake's better lfs "Fish 4 U" she took one look at dwarf hairgrass and had to have it. She also had to have a few small tiger barbs. I got a mini heater I plopped into the back of the hob and took out the betta's. Guess i'll be setting up a co2 setup on a 2.5 lol so she doesn't get dissapointed when it doesn't grow under the current conditions. Gonna ei dosing a 2.5 too hehe. Funny 1 day and she's rescaping ohhh well. I think the lighter color of dhg will be a better contrast though. Any suggestions on keeping tiger barbs in such a small enviroment? I know i'm gonna have ammonia issues already and that the tank is soooo small for them. I wanted to get a few cpd's or something simliar.
I'd keep with bororas in a tank that small, other some of the teeny weird barbs almost all would be too big for that size tank.
dwarf rasboras thats a great idea mnemenoi, she would probably like chili's or something similiar. I'll have to move the tiger barbs into my 40b when I get it going. I agree and tried telling her that its cruel to keep them in suck a small enviroment.
As stated earlier, I do not think that moss is fully aquatic. If you don't plan on doing much in terms of co2 or ferts I would go with a java moss or similar carpet.
Its likely fontinalis sp

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Yeah I saw some oddball dwarf barbs (Pethia Gelius) and maybe cherry barbs, but overall barbs need a lot of room and a decent school or otherwise get nippy
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