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I just finished setting up a pair of lo-cost lo-tech 3G nano-tanks. Those are my first planted tanks ever. I've never had any aquarium either. I don't intend to put any fish in there for now; just plants.

I'd like to know how I should fertilize my nano-tanks.

A pair of 12L food-grade plastic
Era-Ware brand, made in Israel; cost: 3.5$ CDN ea
1-1.5" deep aquarium gravel
7" deep tap water, ~10-11L water

One 40W 4' T12 6500K (Sylvania Daylight Deluxe)
One ~40W (OD) 4' T8 5000K (Philips Natural Sunshine)
Large semi-cylindrical reflector, 4'x1'x3.5"
White back wall also reflects light
Tubes are ~7" from the water
Water is ~5" from the bottom of the reflector
I could lower the fixture (it's on chains) if necessary
The two tanks (about 1' wide each) are sharing one half of the 4' fixture
I'm using the other half to start seedlings

Acquired 3 aquatic plants for 10$ from a local store
1. A small Anubia, came in rockwool and a netted pot. I planted the rockwool in the gravel.
2. Some kind of fern, that came bunched together, removed the metal ring and it stayed bunched. I planted the bunch in the gravel.
3. A bunch of something that looks like Hornwort. I removed the metal ring and the stems were all separate, so I planted them individually in gravel. The plant guy told me that those were fast, invasive plants.
4. I've reused the tiny netted pot that came with the Anubia. Filled it with gravel with some styrofoam under it, and I made a small styrofoam floater ring so that it floats on top of one of my tanks. I've planted some fine-curled cress seeds in the gravel, as well as a tiny cutting of plant #3.

I've built a yeast reactor, and I'm bubbling CO2 in one of my tanks with an airstone.
My reactor has numerous safety measures, including a metal containment structure, to prevent spill, backflow or catastrophic explosion.

I got a 30mL (1oz) bottle of Hagen/Nutrafin "NEW" Plant-Gro Iron Enriched
It is said to contain N, Fe, Mn, Zn, B, Cu, Mo
Dosage is 5mL per 10G for 0.3mg/L of iron.
I put about 2.5mL in each of my 3G tanks.

My biggest concern now is about the fertilizer dosage. First of all, I'm not sure that the fertilizer I got contains everything I need to feed my plants, since my substrate is gravel and I'm using tap water.

Can I get by with just this fertilizer? Also, what dosage should I be looking at? Is 2.5mL per tank enough for now?

Also, do you think that my current light levels are OK for now, with the tubes 7" above the water, or should I lower the fixture closer? As I said, my light spill is greatly reduced by my big reflector and white wall.

While I don't have many plants now, I'm going to acquire more within a week.

Well, I appreciate any help you can give me.


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I don't have any photos at this time, sorry. My camera is broken :(

However, if the plants survive long enough for me to get my camera fixed, I will gladly post pictures. Hopefully, my setup will be a little more photogenic by then :)

So... regarding fert dosage... Any ideas?

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