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I'm battling it as well. It started out on some bolbitus. I think I screwed up the balance in my tank when I removed a good portion of plant mass to get my 150 going. Since then it has gotten exponentially worse. Had to remove the bolbitus and anubias and do H202 dips and I'm dosing glut again at 10ml daily. I've also started going in once a week at water change time and cutting off as many leaves that have it as I reasonably can. It looks like the same BBA as in my tank. I even cranked up the C02 and that didn't help. Seems like once it gets hold its very hard to get rid of. My only guess is it's in there and waits for an imbalance to arise and then it goes bonkers. I'm doing the 1 2 punch treatment next week right before water change to try to get ahead of it. I have another basically identical tank right below this one (75 gallons, high light, high C02, EI dosing, etc) that I did not take much from and it continues to have very minimal very easy to control amounts. Wish I had a better answer for you. It's now covering much of my driftwood. Probably going to have to take most of the stuff out and scrub what I can. Apparently glut and H202 by themselves don't have significant impact on the type of algae, but used in conjunction they work well... but also kill inverts.. killed 4 Nerites.
Tank is looking really good though and honestly I never would have known had you not posted close ups.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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