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New to the site, but thought I would post pics of my 2 tanks.

55g Mbuna Tank

15g planted community tank

The Mbuna tank is home to approx 20 African Cichlids, 2 clown loaches and a few pleco's. The loaches and pleco's were put in there for a specific purpose that has long since passed and will be going as soon as I can talk my wife into letting me get them out of there. Other residents include 2 bumblebee cichlids, a very grumpy auratus, 2 yellow labs, a powder blue, 2 kenyi and several other varieties of juvenile's.
Filtration is currently an Marineland Emperor 400 bio-wheel filter, a Marineland Penguin 330 modified filter (air bubbler under the cages), a 300gph sump under the tank and an eheim 2217 that is temporarily collecting bacteria for an upcoming tank. The Substrate is crushed coral and the rocks are mostly Texas Holey Rocks with some lava rocks and some other misc rocks. The tank is approximately 8 years old.

The community tank consist of a Betta Splenden, 2 Panda Corys, until last week, 7 Neon tetras, now I am down to 2. 4 shrimp of an unknown variety that may be the cause of the missing Neon tetra's, and a variety of plants that I have no idea what they are or any idea of how to identify them. The filtration is a Marineland Penguin bio-wheel mini (which I have recently learned is bad for planted tanks due to co2 dispersion).The substrate is CaribSea Eco-Complete. There is a small lava rock as well as a piece of driftwood.
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