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Hey guys thout i will share my tank. its a 25-30litre tank i have 3 pregnate female guppies and 2 things i call water snakes i got them from my local river got sand substrate a few rocks and a peice of wood plants i got is pond lilly amazon sward i think cant really ifentifie it and some bladderwart a cutting of cambodia and some watercress coming out of the filter i have what looks like arohead leave on 1 plant and another plant that looks like an onion leafs and some other that looks like small tubes going to a point. lighting a 20watt 6500k cfl an a 25 watt heater :) what u guys think?

ps i also got a cutting of garden mint with the stem in water and leaves above hopefuly it will start rooting soon i run my tank at a tepmprate of 27.6degres celsus


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