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My 55g
For my 55gallon Community tank I have the 48" Odyssea T5 12000k 2x54 with reflectors for my 55gallon, along with my original 55gallon light [came with package]. This tank is planted and I just started adding CO2 [finally] today. Iv been holding off till I knew I had everything I needed and I also had to get a timer. So I went with the exention cord with the timer built in,as you just set each plug to the desired on/off time.

My 15g
I just bought a 24" CoraLife T-5 full-spectrum 6700k. It has 14 watt Colormax Full spectrum and a 14 watt 6700k plant bulbs, along with reflectors. This tank is also planted with NO CO2. It has java ferns, bogwood, twain moss and vals. It houses Cherry Shrimp and ramshorns.

As for my 20gallon tall tank Im going to buy a new light as Its Very Old. Im looking for advice on a good light/hood. The tank's top has a VERY good tendacy to fall into the tank along with the light if you don't catch it. Its whenever you open the top as you have to pull the glass so far forward to keep the top open. Im going to put X-mas moss [wall] for sure into the tank. It will also have NO CO2. Im looking for a good light with either a tank mount [metal leg like things I have it on the 15g light] or a light with built in hood. So if you can give me any good light ideas for this tank it would be nice. Oh and its going tp house Crystal Red Shrimp.

Any suggestion/advice on ANY of my lights would be welcomed.
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